Three stories of Katherine Mansfield


In march 14 (monday) at 19:30 the english book club of the library we’ll debate about this stories of Katherine Mansfield:

The garden party


Her first ball



  1. What kind of relationship does Laura have with her family?
  2. How does the writer show us Laura´s love of simple and natural things?
  3. What do the hats symbolise in this story?
  4. Should the Sheridans have called off The Garden Party, as Laura suggested? Why? Why not?
  5. If Laura had finished her question at the end of the story, what would she have said?




  1. What effect does the description of the ship at the beginning of the story have on the reader?
  2. How do we know that Mr Hammond is anxious and excited about his wife´s return?
  3. What do we know about Janey Hammond?
  4. What significance has the title of the story?
  5. How would this story have been different if it had been told mainly from Mrs Hammond´s point of view?




  1. What are Leila´s feelings before the Ball?
  2. What is the role of the fat man in this story?
  3. What do you think Leila´s thoughts would be at the end of the Ball?
  4. What does Leila´s reaction tell you about her?
  5. What feelings would a modern day teenage girl and Leila have in common on going to their first dance?


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