English Book Club

In may 16 (monday) at 19:30 the English Book Club of the library we’ll talk with Jean S. Pinkstone  about:


The Author Susan Glaspell  Susan Glaspell


  1. Why could John Wright´s surname be considered ironic in the story?
  1. Do the women´s names convey any special significance?
  1. Explain why the quilt, the canary and the appearance of the kitchen are important in the story?
  1. What common assumptions do the men share about  women in “A Jury of Her Peers”?
  1. If you were Mrs Hale or Mrs Peters, what would you do at the conclusion of “A Jury of Her Peers” after the men return to the kitchen?


The Author Kate Chopin  Kate Chopin


  1. Do you feel pity for any of the characters in the story? If so, which ones and why?
  1. What examples of repetition can be found in The Story of An Hour? What is the meaning of this repetition?
  1. How do you think Mr Mallard would feel if he knew how his wife really felt?
  1. In what way is Louise Mallard´s death ironic?
  1. What are the similarities and the differences between “The Story of An Hour”  and “A Jury of Her Peers”?







Acerca de biblioteca barañain

Somos la biblioteca de barañain y todas aquellas personas que quieran compartir este espacio de poesía en torno al centenario del nacimiento de Miguel Hernández
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